More Services

Auspi have been a well regarded supplier of variety PCBs for many customers. Our customers have enjoyed a good business relationship with us for many years. This relationship was built on trust and a solid commitment to service the needs of our customers.

We understand that our customers have a variety of needs beyond what we may offer. These might include some other areas of the electronic industry which may be better filled by other companies which specialize in these areas. More often than not, however, it takes additional time and expertise to qualify and bring these suppliers on line. This is where we believe we can help.

Our company presence in Europe and Asia does allow to combine services and logistics on both sides, where existing customers do benefit out of this during our core business relationship and also potential new customers may expect reduced effort and high effect during their sourcing requirements when working together. Our range of services starts from the usage of R&D capacities and design support, through cost reduction due to effective material sourcing through existing stable supply chain in Asia.

In a mutual effort to increase sales, reduce costs, minimize risk, and enhance the efficiency of the supply chain, Auspi are now offering following main services and logistics programmes offered are:

Product design/redesign/development, OEM

BOM kitting – complete material sourcing

Authorized distributor for SI Semiconductor products

Material stocking

Consignment stores

Supplier /supply chain development, including auditing and capability evaluation process

ESD Products ( this is now supported by our business unit Stat-X )